Monday, April 16, 2012

When flowers move and dance! God must be around

Since I was a little girl God's existence was a proven fact with only looking around and observing Nature. And the older I get, the more this accentuates and becomes a wake/up call. And it is exhilarating!

God is arounde us when flowers seem to move and dance. And tulips are the perfect example of this! Just buy a bunch, put them in a vase --and watch them move and take different positions as days go by..It's like a ballet! And on a recent visit to the Orchid Show at the Bronx Botanical Gardens there were even 'dancing yellow orchids'.

Look at the feathers of a bird, the way the color graduates, subtly, feather by feather. What painter, or scientist, created this marvel? Observe the wings of the butterflies, the colors and shapes of fish, the beauty of corals in the bottom of the sea, the amazing 'veins' of some leaves that look like modern paintings.

That is all I need -plus, of course, the miracle of birth and the way a baby grows inside his mother- to believe wholeheartly in God, or whatever we call this Higher Power -- and this 'harmony' of Nature is my proof of faith. This is 'faith' to me. This is religion for me...Faith that there is someone we dont know...something more intelligent and trascendent that us, that maybe one day we will know... And then we will say: "Oh, but it was so simple and we had it so close to us".