Monday, January 12, 2015

My Cuba in a near future?

After reading so many articles on Cuba´s future great wealth (famous real estate entrepreneurs are already buying half of Havana!) -and foreigners ready to travel & invest their many $$$ -- I will find very difficult & expensive to even visit Cuba one time!

 Probably will find myself saying "Please, can you spare a hotel room for 3 days...I am Cuban!" --and be looked at with a ´eye-rolling expression´ by a new hotel manager, who will say...
"Oh, she is one of those older exiles, retired, not wealthy nor relevant.Tell her we are fully booked". 

Yes....I am positive it will be cruel and we -the older and uber 'dignified' and proud exiles- will be at the end of the line! 

Even now many non-Cubans (inc. journalists) -or very 'casual' Cubans, who never thought twice about the island -think they know about Cuba more than this dedicated & patriotic 'cubanita'. 

Yes, it will be SURREAL! Sad, cruel and very surreal.