Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soaring Spirit Hand in Hand with Soaring Nature

My favorite time of the year has arrived: Fall is here!

And no matter how many years pass -and how jaded we could become, as years go by and by with dizzying speed- it is a renewal of Nature that mesmerizes me. The beauty of this time of the year in New York stops me in my tracks with absolute wonder, re/kindling my spirit to huge heights. How wonderful!

Just this weekend my daughter and I drove 1 hour north of Manhattan to Woodbury Common's and the road was a constant wonder. I kept saying "Look at that tree!"..."Look at those colors!"...and a simple drive to a shopping center became an exciting feast for the senses.

At the same time, so much harmony in Nature brought back thoughts of Life's mysteries. The eternal questions of Life After Death. Looking at so much harmony and perfection in the stages of Nature -where all seems prepped and ready to enter the next step, without a need to be prompted to it!- to me are proof of God. Proof of a world beyond our capabilities of understanding...And I wondered -in an 'up' mood though!- if my mother had been able to join the spirit of her loving family with an immensely happy embrace. In fact, one time, in a dream, I was able to 'feel' what could be similar to that Nirvana. A sensation of joy that felt like a indescribable gift from God. There must be so much that we cannot imagine or rationalize!

Nature brings in me the very best. Fall -and the changes of foliage and perfect combinations of shades and colors- does. Snow falling like little diamonds in the night are so very amazing -and produce such happiness! As well as the ocean. Big waves pounding, or calm and serene like a shiny skating rink. It immediately calms me and produces great joy. The ocean is part of my DNA! Growing up in Cuba and living very close to it for 19 years marked me forever.

And now Fall brings the holidays. Thanksgiving, my favorite of all. I love it!...And afterwards the very stressful days of Christmas -- which I have stopped fully enjoying since my parents died and MC is not a child anymore -- and the even more 'scary' New Year's Eve, which I have enjoyed only 3 times in my entire life. It is an evening with such 'finality' and such a 'need to have fun and be happy' that makes me very nervous. And every year I say the same thing: I am going to sleep at 9pm and wake up in the New Year ready for a whole moment of renewal. But I end up staying up and watching Central Park's fireworks from the roof of my building!

Still, I am so lucky and have so much to be thankful for, that I write this with a happy and contented heart, wishing everybody the spiritual harmony I am lucky to enjoy today.