Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Infidelities hand in hand with self loathing

I am stunned by all these famous 'politicos' and men in very high positions who are so ready to ruin their lives -and the lives of those who love them- for sex, or quasi/sex with random women, whom they barely like nor know. And this is a pattern that repeats itself over and over again.

Many times they cheat with women with a low education levels that makes them feel strong and powerful and dominant. Sometimes they even fall for 'ugly' women who are the anthithesis of the aesthetics of women they always have liked. Unattractive and basic women among whom he is King!

What a simple explanation this is. Psychology 101. And so true!

Women who love these men are doomed to have unhappy relationships, because they have a deep seated self loathing that no tender and wonderful wife could tame and keep in check. And -strangely- these self/destructive time bombs are usually very attractive men. Seductive personalities. Intelligent. Great wit. Fun to be with! And women who are their counterparts -intelligent, attractive, witty, funny, educated, etc.- never seem to fulfill their needs. They marry them because they love having these great 'wives' who make them look good -- and in their hearts they even believe they love them -- and then they go ahead -and without one iota of guilt- they proceed to break their hearts! And what about the children? These men do not love their children because they love very little and very badly. And children need a big chunk of us which they are incapable to give them.

I feel sorry for Maria Schriver today. And her children. And the maid at the Sofitel hotel. And the wife of Mr. Strauss-Khan. And all the victims of these men. So many through the centuries-- an infinite list.