Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thinking about Princess Diana

Today -as her first grandchild arrived- I am thinking a lot about Princess Diana, whom I met briefly in 1995 at a Lincoln Center awards ceremony.

It was such a great entrance the one she made!  She had a recent suntan and looked so young and full of life with a navy slim dress and a great pearl and blue saphire choker.   At the fashion event she was honoring her friend Liz Tilberis -Harper's Bazaar editor in chief, who later died on ovarian cancer-  and her eyes smiled and showed such sincere friendliness.

She had the same way of looking at people and connecting with them that I noticed when I met Audrey Hepburn also in NYC, at a Casita Maria benefit months before her death. (Audrey held my both hands when we met and I told her how much I admired her and how beautiful she was!)

This photo is from the day I met Diana. I was invited as a 'guest' , yes, very fancy  -and was not there as one more journalist on a throng of writers and a huge paparazzi crowd (where I have been many times!) --thus I was able to say hello and exchange a few words..She had done her hair different that night and was SO nice, with a firm handshake and great smile.

Thus today, I wish Diana had been here with us. I still feel so sad about her tragic death!