Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I love my wedding pictures!

I have been reading again some of these posts and looking at pictures --and feel truly happy that even the sad memories get better as time goes by, and they stop hurting --and suddenly you see the good side of things and can even laugh at so many funny things that came hand in hand with tears and a deep melancholia. 

Thus, since I love my wedding pictures --and have never looked better!- I want to share them with you. I was so young and so in love! 

My brother Leon took these pictures one very early morning of April 1972 up in a park in Westchester County. The 'hippy' white eyelet dress, so 70's and so romantic cost me $19.99 at Alexander's on Lexington Avenue and it was perfect for the times. Mami made the ribbons with tiny flowers and bows for my hair --and the flowers were purchased in a flower shop in the 42 St subway station.  And I looked so modern and great!

Fourteen people attended the 6pm wedding on April 29th 1972 because Orlando did not want a 'big' wedding, so we had a almost non/existent crowd of guests at the chapel at the Holy Cross Church on 42 St. which had suffered a devastating fire days befor the wedding --and it was in shambles!

But I was very happy and loved my brother logging his reel to reel professional tape recorder to the church so I could get married as the Beatles played "She loves you...yeah...yeah...yeah" and "All you need is love...all you need is love"...It was soooo wonderful!

At the end my father seemed so serious....he later said -as 9 of the 14 guests had dinner at Pier 52, a seafood restaurant on 52 St - "Ah...and I always wanted her to be a nun!"- which was such a melodramatic lie that the tragic remark was laughed at and ignored...The wedding never had printed invitations, no wedding list at stores, no preparations  --and a lot of my friends were never told I was getting married....Crazy!....But on the other hand there was no stress whatsoever...Not an ounce of stress!!...And it was such a cheap albeit cute and slightly 'hippiesh' wedding....And at the end of all it was a pretty wedding of 2 people who were very much in love. 

The next day we went on an amazing honeymoon to Rome, Capri, Athens, the Greek Islands, Istambul and Madrid...All First Class, a gift from TWA!!      

After a difficult marriage and a divorce ---the truth is that I only can remember good things...especially how cute my wedding was...how happy love made me feel... and how pretty I looked! 

I wore that wedding dress about 4 years later, when Mari-Claudia was born!