Sunday, November 30, 2014

A new little person in our lives

Miren my grandaughter is almost 3 and already a 'little person' that fascinates all of us. She is becoming a little girl -not a baby at all!- and this transformation is absolutely enchanting!

I love to see how her mind works, the spontaneous reactions to all that surrounds her, the train-of-thoughts, and her intelligence. Also is wonderful to observe how she talks. In Spanish to her mom, to Yazmin and to me...and switching automatically to English when she talks to her father or anyone that she 'feels' dont speak Spanish!

I enjoy so much her love and seeing her scream my name "Ita" when I arrive at her house ir when she sees me. It is heaven!

Yes, there is a new member of the family and a new 'person' created by God's magnificence that has arrived in our lives.  So beautiful and healing!