Monday, December 22, 2014

Anxiety revisited...

I am already anxious! Xmas and (especially) New Year's produce these emotions. 

Ever since we left Cuba in the late 60's nothing can 'calm down' feeling overwhelmed at this time of the year.   I am so lucky & grateful for everything- but cant shake this feeling of 'unease'! 

'Scars' of the trauma of leaving my home & everything I owned (my books, my Diary!) -since at the time all that was permitted to take with us was "a suitcase with 5 changes of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes and an umbrella" No books, no little memories, no jewelry, not even an old scarf from my deceased grandmother! 

To this departure -were added very hard & painful initial years in exile. 

Thus, every year these scars come back to 'haunt' my usual happy self. And on January 1 a sense of newness makes it all OK -and happiness starts again.