Friday, June 19, 2009

Amazing pleasures at upcoming movies

My love for the movies is my best 'company'. Something that since I was a little girl, and my mother took me to the 'Duplex' theatre in Havana to see the most amazing movies, branded my life with a wonderful sense of pleasure.

And in the last month I have seen 2 amazing and gorgeous movies that made my spirit soar and revived my faith in love, beauty and dreams. Two films that caused in me the stirring feelings that only a good movie can!

One is "Coco Avant Chanel" (Coco Before Chanel), which is opening later this year (so be in the lookout for it) but I saw yesterday at a private press movie screening from Sony Pictures Classic --and left me feeling happy and romantic and loving fashion creativity more than ever. The movie will probably be nominated for many awards for photography, acting, art direction and direction since is superbly done in all these aspects as well as in the powerful feelings it conveys.

Coco Chanel's life was very tragic and filled with ups and downs, all of her own doing, but before she was 'Chanel', she was a young woman who fell madly in love with Boy Capel --and this movie shows that aspect of the young Chanel, since she was a child in an orphanage until she finally became the famous Coco Chanel that created a fashion legend and a worlwide coveted brand, that is alive and well to this day. The visuals of this movie are amazing, so very beautiful and the script so good, and the direction so intelligent...I dont enough words to describe my enthusiasm, so you must RUN to see it when it comes to your city.

The second great movie I must recommend is "Young Victoria", which depicts Queen Victoria when she was single and met and fell in love with Prince Albert --who became her beloved husband. I saw this movie flying on Business Class of British Airways some weeks ago, the day after I had visited Kensington Palace in London ---where the movie was filmed! Visually stunning and with great acting and art direction is also a jewel.

These are 2 'feel good movies' that will be on my list of all time favorites and unforgettable films like Love in the Afternoon, Gone with the Wind, Sabrina, etc, etc...Don't forget and give yourself the pleasure of seeing them. You will thank me a thousand times!