Friday, December 25, 2009

Beauty for the sake of pure beauty


So today, after a very perfect Nochebuena with family and good friends at my daughter's, I feel that recognizing -more and more- these forms of beauty should be Number 1 in my New Year´s Resolutions. And I encourage this very highly, because many times we have this perfection in front of us and we just dont look at it. It's human nature --and also due to the crazy speed we live with. And we forget to relish Life's beauty for the sake of beauty!

Today look a little longer at that mysterious and gorgeous shell; at the shape of a building and maybe its Beaux Art "frisos"; at Picasso's Woman in front of a mirror at MOMA; at the way Claudio Bravo paints cloths; at the thousand shades of the leaves & the sky; at the revealing 'degradé' colors of the feathers of a bird, which to me is a clear sign of that God that I wonder about and mesmerizes me...Little things like that!...Whatever strikes you and touches you.

Take a second look at your house and enjoy the things that bring you good memories, 'live' with you day after day -- and are beautiful. I love just looking at my paintings, because I love them all and I breathe deeper when I see them. And at my collection of antique perfume bottles --even some crazy ones designed by Salvador Dali at the beginning of the 20th Century!...At the delicate colors and soft texture of my pashminas...At all my frivolous objects that I truly like....At the many books I love....At films that me happy just when I think about them, like Love in the Afternoon and Coco Avant Chanel.

I love sharing with people I love all these feelings....Even very earthy ones, like the taste of delicious food --as in chef Michelle Bernstein's Croquetas de Jamon Serrano and chef Douglas Rodriguez's Smoked Marlin Tacos. So scrumptious subtle flavors! Of course, I love looking at beautiful stores and their amazing displays of goods. Adore the imagination of certain designers. Their search for beauty. At the feeling of serenity I feel in London and the amazing pleasures I always find in Paris. In Miami, the view driving over the causeway to my apartment in Key Biscayne it's a blessing, time and time again....Because I love the ocean, and looking at the perfectly straight and eerie line of the horizon.

And above all, I love and treasure the feeling the harmony that comes when we are good people and can sleep in peace. Many times, we can create our own happiness. It´s all around us! It just takes looking deeper.... It's a total fact --and sadly most people miss on it!


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Anne B said...

This is a wonderful blog!
Annie B

Anonymous said...

Mari, I love your blog. Learned about it from Zoe Valdes blog. Love the pictures and your beautiful stories about Cuba in the past.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

Yamile Paz

Anonymous said...

I agree that we have happiness right in front of our faces and refuse to see it. Great post. It comes from your heart!

Sandra Luckally




Anonymous said...

The photos of thisblog are as interesting as the pots. Excellent taste and good writing!

Ines Colina said...

Mary Rodriguez Ichaso, eres una persona regia. Llevo años leyéndote --y busco tus articulos en Vanidades cada 15 dias y me los leo todos. ¡Y ahora soy afortunada que encontré tu blog!
Salud y felicidad en el 2010
Inés Colina

Anonymous said...

Flowers let me know there is a ´superior force´, call it God or Allah, or whatever. Thanks for such a sweet and intelligent blog.