Friday, December 25, 2009

Beauty for the sake of pure beauty


So today, after a very perfect Nochebuena with family and good friends at my daughter's, I feel that recognizing -more and more- these forms of beauty should be Number 1 in my New Year´s Resolutions. And I encourage this very highly, because many times we have this perfection in front of us and we just dont look at it. It's human nature --and also due to the crazy speed we live with. And we forget to relish Life's beauty for the sake of beauty!

Today look a little longer at that mysterious and gorgeous shell; at the shape of a building and maybe its Beaux Art "frisos"; at Picasso's Woman in front of a mirror at MOMA; at the way Claudio Bravo paints cloths; at the thousand shades of the leaves & the sky; at the revealing 'degradé' colors of the feathers of a bird, which to me is a clear sign of that God that I wonder about and mesmerizes me...Little things like that!...Whatever strikes you and touches you.

Take a second look at your house and enjoy the things that bring you good memories, 'live' with you day after day -- and are beautiful. I love just looking at my paintings, because I love them all and I breathe deeper when I see them. And at my collection of antique perfume bottles --even some crazy ones designed by Salvador Dali at the beginning of the 20th Century!...At the delicate colors and soft texture of my pashminas...At all my frivolous objects that I truly like....At the many books I love....At films that me happy just when I think about them, like Love in the Afternoon and Coco Avant Chanel.

I love sharing with people I love all these feelings....Even very earthy ones, like the taste of delicious food --as in chef Michelle Bernstein's Croquetas de Jamon Serrano and chef Douglas Rodriguez's Smoked Marlin Tacos. So scrumptious subtle flavors! Of course, I love looking at beautiful stores and their amazing displays of goods. Adore the imagination of certain designers. Their search for beauty. At the feeling of serenity I feel in London and the amazing pleasures I always find in Paris. In Miami, the view driving over the causeway to my apartment in Key Biscayne it's a blessing, time and time again....Because I love the ocean, and looking at the perfectly straight and eerie line of the horizon.

And above all, I love and treasure the feeling the harmony that comes when we are good people and can sleep in peace. Many times, we can create our own happiness. It´s all around us! It just takes looking deeper.... It's a total fact --and sadly most people miss on it!