Monday, December 31, 2012

2013...Will I finally publish my "book of recuerdos"?

Again, I am writing down a list of "things to do" for 2013....

After wishing for health and work...and peace of mind. for all those I love and for myself, I would like to publish my long delayed book of  'recuerdos', which will be a collection of 'anecdotes' about my life growing up in magical Havana, surrounded by my parents amazing (and later very famous) intelectual friends...My beginnings (many tragic/comic!) as an exile in Mexico, Miami and NYC...My loves and some great 'enamorados'..And my life as a journalist, my travels and all 'the famous' (and wanna-be-famous!) I have met.

Funny, sometimes poignant and always very truthful ..Each chapter will be like a free standing short story- blending together into what turned out to be a pretty good Life.

My question: In English or in Spanish? In English would reach the younger generations who will be amused by it all.  Yes or no?