Monday, March 4, 2013

The pleasure of a piece of art

Yesterday, when I saw Alexandre Arrechea´s sculptures lining up on Park Aveue I felt such joy!

Joy because they are such wonderful & imaginative pieces of art.  A very witty and original concept, that produced in me an exhilarating emotion.  That special and unexplainable feeling that great art always brings to my heart and soul.

And I also felt enormous pride because Alexandre is Cuban!!!  How wonderful!

I am not a 'connoiseuse' of art, nor a critic, and my appreciation is really very raw, coming from the way shapes and colors and concepts ´hit´ me.  Maybe growing up surrounded by paintings in my home in Cuba and visiting museums with my mother since I was a little girl, created this curiosity and love for art.  And as I grow older I find tremendous joy at finding pieces that strike me and make me take more than one look. 

Like I felt in the last Art Basel Fair in Miami, that had amazing things! Or every time I see the beautiful art deco details of London´s Claridge´s! Or the great Picasso that Mari-Claudia was involved in selling in auction!

Art is something free we can enjoy without spending money, nor going thru big efforts. What a gift! And what a shame that some people do not know how to discover its beauty and intelligence. They miss so, so much!