Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Breeze of Summer

There is a Summer breeze that I have always loved.

Is not hot and fiery, but warm and soft. It feels like Summer, but it does overwhelm you, nor burn your brain and your heart. It passes by, undoing your hair a little, caressing you sotfly, warming up your skin ever so lightly ---as it reminds us that Winter is just around the corner, but we still have some great Summer days ahead.

It is the Summer breeze typical of the Hamptons. (And maybe the key to its idyllic charm?)... And of Manhattan on those glorious days when we all remark "Isn't this a beautiful day?". And today has been one of those days!

It is a soft Summer breeze that makes us feel more at ease with humanity. More relax. Less uptight or tense. A breeze that defies stress and provokes in all a delicious 'laissez faire' mood.

I am so happy to be able to differentiate these little things that life brings around. So satisfied of enjoying these subtleties.

Did I feel this way when I was much younger and lived in Cuba, always outdoors, swimming, climbing tress, riding bikes, running around at 500 miles an hour, and taking huge gulps of my land and my city, not even realizing how hot it must have felt?

Probably yes. My upbringing made me a happy observer of everything around me. And this curiosity had never left me. This is definitely the clue to my youth!