Friday, September 11, 2009

People who like dictators and bullies

It is not because I am Cuban --and learned about these people when I was very young and just starting my life as a adult-- that I despise dictators, bullies and tyrants.

It is not because I learned about them and their actions first hand, day to day, surprised and wide/eyed when I was hit every day by a new blow.

It is not only because I saw the fear in my mother's eyes when she was unable to protect her children from enormous waves of injustice. No, there is much more to that...

I hate dictators, bullies, tyrants and liars because they go against the grain of life and all possible human decency. They stand against freedoms of all kinds. They create obedience through fear. Fear of jail and fear of losing jobs and livelihoods. And because they boldly rely on their power, their guns and their government machinery to create great fear in millions of us. And that is intolerable.

Look at the history of dictatorships throughout History! And today look at the arrogant attitude of the Castro brothers -reigning over Cuban lives like old fashioned kings of a corrupt medieval dynasty. And look at the disgusting arrogance of 'uber' bully Hugo Chavez, parading himself around like a God because he owns oil and rich Venezuela.

And still --and this is incomprenhensible- there are people who LIKE these characters! People who must be very coward themselves because they admire and look up to bullies who impose their agendas through violence! People who using a false attitude of liberalism admire these horrendous tyrants --- a la Oliver Stone and many, many more....How can they even try to justify them?

So today, as I listen to the name of the almost 3 thousand victims of the savage attack on September 11, at the ruins of the World Trade Center, I wonder how some people can love and admire these obvious examples of the very worst.

It just blows my mind.