Sunday, November 8, 2009

Planning and doing vs. dreaming and dreaming

I must confess that procastination has always been very present in my life. Knowing that I "must" or "should" do something and letting it slide by and stay dormant forever and ever...

Waiting maybe for a Good Fairy or Hada Madrina to "milagrosamente" do them for me?

That is why I love living in New York, because somehow the city forces me to "do" things and move away from just "dreaming" about doing them. In places like Miami, for example, it is so very easy just to lay back and watch TV or take the sun, or read, and to acomplish things just fall into an easy oblivion. At least for me!

But lately, since time will not last forever and aging makes me much more aware of it, I have begun to "plan" and "execute" many things. And the "uber" satisfactory conclusion is that when one plans and executes --dreams DO come true!...For many this is not new, I am sure, but for me it has been quite a slow discovery --and everything I have planned in the last few years has come to fruition flawlessly.

I owe this new "faceta" of my life to my daughter's lawyer/like capacity for amazing planning --and her strong character to execute those plans. She is a dynamo of modernity and does not allow her wishes and dreams to slip/sleep away. I wish I had been more like her when I was younger, because although I did achieve many things and cannot complain about my life --I did them my way, at a much slower speed.

I am writing this because this Summer I planned well every step of my life, and not only went to Europe 4 times in 4 months -including a well thought out weekend trip to Turku, Finland that came out exactly as planned!-- but yesterday I arrived from an 18 hour business trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where everything, hour after hour, went exactly as planned. No miracles here!...Nobody had to help me out and push me to do it...And everything came out well, because it was planned and organized that way. And I am still amazed to see that my body and my spirit moved from country to country exactly as I had imagined.

Conclusion of this "divagacion": Dreams and ambitions are in our hands most of the time. Nobody will take over and get them for you. Sometimes it takes time to realize this. Especially for us dreamers -and lovers of what we imagine is "destiny".

God --and our mind and hands. I suppose that is all we need.