Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturdays with my Daughter

Yesterday I enjoyed such a wonderful New York City day!

Instead of spending a regular Saturday with my daughter (we spend Saturdays together during the day, unless she has specific plans with her husband) just shopping -or driving around 'discovering' new places, or investigating New York neighborhoods, which we both love to do, yesterday we went museum hopping on Fifth Ave. It was great!

We started with a visit to the new Picasso exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum (we had special Member Tickets and got to see it all before the crowds arrive on April 27th)....It is fascinating show --and I was very surprised to see the series of erotic drawings that Picasso did when he was 80-something. He was never old mentally -and showed his talent at every moment of his long career. So lucky (like it was for my parents) to grow old with a young wit and a deep love for living! That's way I want to grow old and old and old....

Then we walked to the Neue Galerie on 86th St and Fifth, which specializes in Austrian and German art -- and had a lovely 'Austrian' lunch at its Viennese-style "Cafe Sabarsky", before seeing the new Otto Dix ehibit, which was dramatic and quite shocking. I did not know much about his work, and MC explained it to me. Paintings of a man who lived through 2 terrible wars and a dark period in History. We also saw -once again- the magnificent Klimt paintings the museum owns, especially the famous Adele Bloch-Bauer portrait that was also recovered from the Nazis and purchased by the museum. This is a relatively little known museum, only visited by art lovers and curious tourists -and it is absolutely lovely. I love the harmony found inside the gorgeus Beaux Art building, the library, the restaurant. the small galleries...Is perfect.

Afterwards we walked to 90th St. to the Guggenheim Museum -- and once again I was struck by its stunning architecture and design by Frank Lloyd Wright, which remains modern and striking after so many years. Fantastic! There we saw the special Malevich exhibit. My daughter and her Law Firm worked in the recovery of those stolen paintings for Malevich's family --and now they are in exhibit at the museum for all to see.

We walked back to my car along Madison Avenue and its boutiques --and drove away taking our time as we crossed Central Park and many more neighborhoods....There were Street Fairs all over the city, and the day was beautiful, sunny and cool. One of those glorious Manhattan days that us New Yorkers love so much! And for me a special one, since sharing Life's beauties with my daughter is such a treat