Sunday, January 10, 2016

Anderson Cooper to tell his mother's life on HBO

This will be a fascinating documentary! When I started as a journalist in the 70´s I interviewed Gloria Vanderbilt, who was designing jeans --and remember she was so nice and friendly. She invited me to lunch at her showroom on Seventh Ave, where she had a personal chef & 2 waiters serving us! I was barely around 20 and she treated me like a mom! -Another socialite I interviewed at the same time was Charlotte Ford, who was also designing clothes. She also tried to be nice --but was so 'sin gracia' & dry - and her plastic surgery made her mouth go sideways when she spoke. This was sad to see, since I remember her being so beautiful & glamorous in the late 60´s. Yes, she also had a private chef & dining room in her showroom! (I must look for those pictures taken in black and white by my brother)