Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Luck of Some...

I remember the moment when beautiful Princess Yasmin Aga Khan (whom I had interviewed many times, and happens to be Rita Hayworth's daughter with prince Aly Khan) told me point blank:

"Being happy in LOVE is just a question of good luck. Nothing else matters...Beauty, money, talent...nothing matters!...Either you are lucky at it...Or you are not. And whatever one does to try to change this is totally useless"

I thought at the time that she was probably talking out of her own unfortunate personal experiences --and maybe a bit embittered and radical about all that had to do with ...LOVE...But as years have gone by, and as I have met countless horribly unpleasant, dumb and unatractive people who have enjoyed amazing happiness in LOVE --her words have come back to haunt me many, many times.

How in the world these people reached these peaks of happiness???...They are usually highly unatractive either phisically and/or in character and personality...They are mostly ugly, insensitive, sort of dumb, totally lacking wit, style or any special talents...But LOVE is always at their side!...They must be blessed with amazing good luck for sure, since any other explanation does not fit the bill.

As the Spanish proverb says: "La suerte de la fea la bonita la desea" and it must be true since most of the pretty women I know are not as lucky in LOVE as one would think they would be. And some horrendous ones, in looks as well as in personality, live in paradise and their men just adore them!

Case in point: Some years ago, when I was very good friends with many famous celebrities (and for some reason went out with them all the time)I was invited to a high/power brunch at New York's Metropolitan Club, hosted by this well known Manhattan doctor and his wife, in honor of my (then) good friends Placido and Marta Domingo. Since I arrived early at the elegant club, I went into the Ladies Room to check out my makeup, etc., and was surprised to see that the bathroom attendant was a Latin woman who looked quite unkempt and even dirty. How in the world they had hired this woman in such a 'chi-chi' place?...I mention this because that club is a very prestigious and 'aristocratic' one --and as I put on some lipstick my eyes darted to the appalling bathroom attendant, this woman dressed in a stained black dress (the hem was undone and hanging on one side)-and wearing very worn out black heels, which were in need of lifts and a good cleaning. It was quite a sight!...And when I was about to leave, give her a dollar tip, as is the custom...she quickly smiled at me, and left the bathroom.

Of course this horror of a woman (I am not exagerating at all) turned out to be the wife of the famous doctor (a very handsome tall, white haired man!) and the hostess of the elegant brunch!!...How embarassing would have been if I had given her the dollar tip!...And to top it all, during the dessert toast, to make things even more amazing, the elegant doctor told Placido how lucky they both were of having married such magnificent and great Latin women!

I almost cracked up --and never forgot that moment. It felt like a joke...The woman being toasted as 'magnificent' even had offensive table manners and at the end of the meal used a toothpick (WHERE did she find it, since there were definitely no toothpicks at the Metropolitan Club?)....I was floored. And to this day that image comes to my mind everytime I wonder about the many mysteries of LOVE and LUCK.

Yes, this is the way it seems to be. Luck might even be pre/determined...Who knows?...But it definitely works like clockwork when it comes to LOVE...Just look around and check it out! You will see how true it is!